Alternatives to Douching

Alternatives to Douching

What are the alternatives to douching and how do they work?

What is Douching?

Before explaining the different alternatives, it is important to first understand exactly what it is.

Douching is an act or the practice of spraying liquids into the vagina, in an attempt to clean it or make it smell better.

One interesting fact about douching is that it has not been scientifically proven to actually “clean” or to prevent any odor.

Furthermore, it is also dangerous and may potentially put your health and life at risk as it can cause complications within the vagina that leads to life-threatening illnesses and diseases.

Today’s blog post takes a look at better alternatives to douching.

  1. Avoid Doing Anything

Yes, this includes douching. One of the key things to keep your vagina odor-free is to not do anything to it at all.

A healthy vagina would naturally smell good and, vice versa, an odor-free vagina is naturally healthy.

  1. Do Not Use Regular (Harsh) Soap Inside Your Vagina

The regular soap you use for your body should not be used to clean your vagina.

Rather, use some pH-balanced cleansers or soaps. These cleansers will clean as any other regular soaps while maintaining the pH of your vagina.

  1. Breathable Materials

This applies to both your underwear and clothing choices. Purchasing more breathable pieces will often help your vagina smell better and prevent any forms of odor.

  1. Maintaining The Immune System

By avoiding caffeine, cigarettes, high stress, and other unhealthy factors, you can maintain and keep your immune system healthy. This, in return, helps keep your vagina both healthy and odor-free.


As there are many other healthier and safer alternatives to douching, the act of douching itself is seriously advised against it as it poses a health hazard.

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