How to Use a Clitoral Stimulator

How to Use a Clitoral Stimulator

One question we always seem to come by is; how do you use a clitoral stimulator?

Clitoral stimulators are without a doubt one of the best ways in which you can stimulate your clitoris (and show your clit some love in the meantime). The clitoris is an extremely sensitive erogenous area near your vagina.

Today’s blog post will explain step-by-step how you can use a clitoral stimulator.

What is a Clitoral Stimulator?

Before getting to know how you can use a clitoral stimulator, it is important for us to take a look at exactly what it is.

A clitoral stimulator is a device that vibrates pulse-like motions and, when placed on the clitoris, increases blood flow to the entire area and triggers a sense of erotic pleasure.

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. In addition, there are certain models that offer extra functions. These may be waterproofing properties, extended battery life, and also remote/application controlled-functions.

When recommending a clitoral stimulator we love to start with the Satisfyer Pro 2+. This little beauty is a great entry level and rather affordable toy that features Satisfyer’s own AirPulse technology. Wanna dive deeper into why we love this one? Check out this blog on why this is a cult classic!

If you’re ready to take it up a notch the Womanizer is ALWAYS the way to go. Their Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clitoris like no other. All of Womanizer’s products focus on avoiding over-stimulation. This then allows anyone with a vulva to experience mind-blowing orgasms time and time again.

Ready to find out how to use one?

For first-timers, we recommend you try to use the toy on other areas of your body first rather than the clitoris. You can test it out by trying it on your thighs or nipples. 

We suggest doing this first because using a clit stimulator on the clitoris straightaway may cause a surge of overwhelming sensations that a beginner may just not be used to. Feeling totally relaxed and allowing your body to be as at ease as possible is also key.

Once you feel that you’re ready to crank it up another notch, you can definitely use the clitoral stimulator directly on your clitoris. Just try it out with the lowest intensity setting at first. 

Other factors which may influence how comfortable you are with using one of these toys might be the usage of lube and your positioning. You should use a water-based lube and get into a seated or laying-down position.

Then, once you’re comfortable with the intensity level you’re at, you can adjust it and continue turning it up to your satisfaction. And enjoy the ride!

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