Why Dakota Johnson Wants You To Buy A Sex Toy for Christmas

Why Dakota Johnson Wants You To Buy A Sex Toy for Christmas

This year, Dakota Johnson, the Fifty Shades of Grey star, has endorsed the view that the perfect gift is, well, a sex toy for Christmas.

Whether you rate the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise or not – there’s no denying the impact it made on society and on our view of sex toys and BDSM in general. Just last year, Dakota Johnson joined the sexual wellness brand Maude, as both the co-creative director and as an investor.

According to Dakota herself, the absolute PERFECT gift this Christmas for anyone and everyone is a small butt-plug! ‘Body-safe’ and ‘premium silicone’ are terms you wanna be looking out for when it comes to any Sex toy. Buying a butt plug is no exception! If you’re looking for some gifting ideas, look no further. We’ve got some great beginner’s butt plugs as well as some beautiful glass sex toys available at XOXTOYS.

Dakota is also of the opinion that the gift of a butt-plug takes a genderless approach. Whereby all people can use this toy to explore and pleasure themselves. Not only does a toy like this promote the act of self-pleasure, but it also promotes the concept of inclusivity. Dakota also went on to praise the act of gifting someone a sex toy, describing it as a “very cool thing to do”. She also went on to joke that even your uncle has probably thought about getting a sex toy.

We couldn’t be more here for all the celebs coming out and endorsing sexual wellness and toys in BIG ways. From Cara Delevingne to Cardi B, everybody is getting on the naughty list and we’re INTO IT. So why not buy a sex toy for Christmas?One of our favourite brands, Lora DiCarlo, (where Cara Delevingne is creative advisor at) is another brand that should be on your gift list this year (we’ll drop some inspo below).

Of course, EVERYONE remembers Cardi B having the sexy Majesty 2 vibe by Vush in her music video ‘Up’. All we’re hoping for for 2022 is even more celebrities coming out hot with their views on sexual wellness and toys. Ohh and also if we could get maybe Brad Pitt or Idris Elba on it next – that would be great!

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