Breast Play – Top Tips & Toys

Breast Play – Top Tips & Toys

The Top Ten Five Tips and Toys that You Can Use for Breast Play

Boobs are not only fun to look at, but they’re also awesome to grab, touch, and maybe even squeeze. But the truth is, there are actually proper techniques to play with them that will help both you and your partner to derive pleasure from it.

Furthermore, there are also certain toys that you might want to add to your collection and use during nipple plays as they will most definitely enhance your experience and allow both parties to explore various new erotic sensations.

Well, without further ado, today’s post seeks to discuss not just some tips on nipples, but also to introduce you to some of the best toys you can use on your partner’s (and even yourself!) nipples. 

Tip 1: Talk Dirty

Meanwhile, dirty talking is undoubtedly what many of you are well familiar with and have done before, it is not common knowledge that dirty talking amidst nipple play has actually been known to increase sexual intensity and overall satisfaction.

Not only that, but dirty talking to your partner can also help them feel more secure and empowered in terms of feeling more comfortable with their breasts. This also contributes to supporting your partner in feeling more positive about their body image.

Tip 2: Focus on the Areola 

This is fairly straightforward as what makes breast play enjoyable is the act of playing with the areola. (In case you are confused about the terminology: the areola refers to the nipple).

You can do a variety of things with the areola, including sucking, nibbling, circling, kissing, rubbing, and more. But the key thing is remembering to be gentle and light when playing with the areola.

Toy 1: Vibrators

Vibrators are commonly used for the vagina but can, in fact, be used for nipple plays as well. Simply turn on the vibrator and gently place it on the areola. 

Meanwhile, it is easy for you and your partner to gain pleasure from this, do be mindful of using a vibrator for a prolonged time as it may cause minor injuries on the areola(s).

Toy 2: Nipple Clamps

As its name implies, nipple clamps are essentially clamps that are used on nipples. They are specifically tailored to be used on nipples and also coated with body-safe materials that ensure that no marks will be left on your nipples after using them.

Simply place them on your partner’s nipples and continue gently caressing them. If you want to step it up a little bit, you can also lightly tug on the clamps.


These are some of the best tips and toys for nipple plays:

  • Talk dirty 
  • Focus on the areola
  • Vibrators
  • Nipple Clamps

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