How To Have Bathroom Sex

How To Have Bathroom Sex

Your Ultimate Guide to Having Hot and Kinky Bathroom Sex

Well, this is probably on everyone’s “list” at one point, right? 

Meanwhile, bathroom sex is undoubtedly steamy and sexy, it actually presents some difficulties in reality. For example, the bathroom is usually slippery which might lead you to slip and fall if you’re not careful. 

There are many more different potential issues that you might need to take note of for bathroom sex to go completely right and be sexually gratifying. 

If you’re worried about ruining bathroom sex or being unable to do it right, fret not. Today’s post aims to teach you exactly how you can have bathroom sex.

1. Use the Furniture

There are many pieces of furniture in the bathroom that you can utilize for sexual purposes:

  • Bathtub
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Shower

From foreplay to doggy-style, the different ways to use and utilize these common furniture found in the bathroom are limitless. 

Pro tip: Always take caution of how slippery it is (some common places where you slip include the bathtub and the shower area) and take precautions by either placing a dry mat on the surface of the floor or grabbing onto stable objects.

2. Create the Right Atmosphere

This is a fairly common concept for sex in general: set up the mood right.

Meanwhile, a spontaneous bathroom sex session sounds absolutely thrilling and kinky, it may not play out so well in reality. 

So, to prevent this from happening put in a little extra effort: maybe light some candles, pour up some wine, and also put on some music. This will maybe get you and your partner into an erotic and sexy mood where both of you can really enjoy having sex in the bathroom.

3. Bring In Some Toys

Yep, you heard that right. Using toys in the bathroom is also one of the ways that can enhance your experience to help both you and your partner to enjoy the session more.

One obvious issue come to mind when thinking about using sex toys in the bathroom: most of them are powered electrically and will most likely cause some sort of hazard when in contact with water.

Well, there are two solutions regarding this issue:

1. Manual sex toys:

These are your more minimalistic and conventional sex toys that are simply to be used manually and not powered by any sort of battery or electrical supply.

2. Waterproof sex toys:

These are probably your best choice as they provide the ease of experiencing sexual pleasure without compromising your safety while using it in the bathroom.


Steps to enjoying a high-quality bathroom sex session:

  • Use the different bathroom furniture available 
  • Set up the atmosphere and mood
  • Bring and use some (safe) sex toys.

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