How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

A brief and concise guide on how you can introduce sex toys in a relationship comfortably

Sex toys are not only a great way for you to pleasure yourself sexually. They are also a perfect addition during intercourse with your partner. Benefits of using sex toys during sex include increased arousal, better orgasms, and also enhance your experiences during intercourse.

Using sex toys yourself is relatively straightforward. Introducing sex toys to another person is a more complex situation and may prove challenging, especially for first-timers.

Today’s blog will walk you through how you can best introduce sex toys into your relationship with your partner.

1.) It’s Completely Normal

Before you think that introducing sex toys into your relationship is weird or not normal, let me tell you, it’s not.

It’s totally normal that you would want to experiment sexually with your partner. Whether with toys or just purely wanting to experience a better orgasm with someone you’re involved with sexually.

Sex toys are known for being able to help you reach climax better. It is common that people would want to introduce sex toys in a relationship.

Keep in mind that when you’re talking to your partner about using sex toys together, it is not just for your own individual’s satisfaction. The toys are there to enhance the sexual relationship between both parties.

2.) There Is No Perfect Timing – Just Do It

You may think that you need to be together with your partner for some time before you can introduce toys to him or her. Or, perhaps, you believe that you must have had a certain amount of sex with your partner before you’re allowed to discuss sex toys at all. Wrong again.

Introduce sex toys to your partner whenever you feel comfortable. That’s it. There isn’t a particular time when you’re allowed or should tell your partners about using sex toys in your relationship.

For example, for certain couples where toys are the key to maintaining the sexual experiences they have with each other, they may choose to introduce and use sex toys early on in the relationship. So, don’t hesitate as to when you should talk about sex toys, just do so when you feel ready.

3.) Communication

This is fairly straightforward. You will need to communicate properly with your partner before you introduce sex toys into your relationship. But, then, the question arises: how do I start this conversation?

For starters, before approaching your partner, you will have to mentally prepare and ready yourself to have a serious conversation about using sex toys in your relationship.

If you are unable to initiate this conversation or feel awkward that you are going to talk to your partner about sex toys, this is an indication that you’re not at that stage to have sex toys in your relationship; if you can’t even talk about sex toys, you’re unlikely to be able to use sex toys.

However, if you’ve already made up your mind about discussing sex toys with your partner but just don’t know where to start, it is advised that you should start with something simple and lighter.

Using a less direct statement for your conversation with your partner about sex toys can help you cope with your jitters.

Another point to remember when you are communicating with your partner about sex toys is that the entire thing should only be a conversation. It is neither an argument, debate, nor a lecture. The point is to keep things as civil as possible without comprising the seriousness of the conversation.

If your partner is getting agitated about using sex toys, slowly ease out of the conversation and end it without escalating it.

Or, if your partner is simply uncomfortable with using sex toys, leave the conversation for now and visit it again when another occasion arises.

4.) List Down The Details

So, now that you and your partner are both comfortable with using sex toys throughout your relationship, you need to start listing what kind of sex toys you’ll be using.

This may seem like a hassle or simply unnecessary, but this is a step that shouldn’t be skipped. By listing down what kind of toys you’ll be using, you are preventing any confusion. This could be potentially detrimental to your relationship and capable of jeopardizing everything you’ve built this far with your partner.


It isn’t always the case that if you follow this guide your partner would automatically be open to using sex toys. Sometimes it may take more time for a person to warm up to the idea of using toys.

However, this guide will serve you well if there are elements of open-mindedness in your relationship and if your partner is open to accepting new things in your relationship.

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