Where to Hide Sex Toys – 5 Best Places

Where to Hide Sex Toys – 5 Best Places

A list of the best spots where you can safely hide your sex toys.

Regardless of how exhilarating your session was with your sex toys, these things are often private matters and something you simply do not want to disclose to other people or visitors.

Or, perhaps, there are people in your life who are not open to the usage of these toys? Either way, it is often a good idea to keep your toys out of plain sight and store them somewhere else to prevent causing any discomfort.

This list is here to give you some pointers on where you can discretely store your sex toys.

1.) Bedside Table/Drawer

This is arguably one of the most accessible places to hide your sex toys. Whenever you’re craving for a dirty date with your toy, simply roll over your bed, grab it, and enjoy.

However, be warned, this might not be the safest spot as anyone could pull open your drawer and reveal your toys. For additional security, you can consider adding a padlock to prevent any unwanted snooping around by others.

2.) Shoebox

This is particularly safe and has a low chance of being detected, after all, there are often not many people around your house that would poke around your shoebox.

Although the shoe box is seemingly a perfect spot to hide your sex toys, you should take extra precautions to make sure that the shoebox itself is clean to prevent any spread of disease when using your toys.

Ideally, you should change the shoe box every year or few months if possible.

3.) A Coat in Your Cabinet

Simply slip your toy into your coat’s pocket and hang it back into your cabinet. It’s hardly detectable by anyone except for you. Unless, of course, someone else is doing your laundry for you…

Other than that, this is possibly one of the best places to hide your sex toys while being completely subtle about the whole thing.

4.) Lockable Box or Container

This might come off as overkill, but, in certain cases, this is one of the best solutions. For example, if you have kids running rampant and all over the house and you’re unable to keep an eye out on them. A lockbox may just be your best bet at hiding your sex toys.

5.) Joyboxx Sex Toy Storage

Available at XOXTOYS the Joyboxx sex toy storage is discreet (Black) & specifically designed to prevent microbes from growing. It’s hygienic, complete with a charging hole (to charge your toys while they’re safe), & comes complete with 2 sliding locks to keep children out.

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