Sexting Tips – How to Get Started

Sexting Tips – How to Get Started

The best sexting tips and how to start sexting with confidence

Sexting isn’t exactly a new or uncommon thing. It definitely gained traction and popularity during the pandemic. When everyone had to observe strict social distancing and also reduce the number of face-to-face meetings.

Due to the inability to meet up physically, the demand and occurrences of sexting have seen a meteoric rise. As we observed more and more people turn to various social media platforms to engage in sexual activities.

However, for those who have still yet to venture into sexting, the idea may seem awkward, or even intimidating. The reason behind this is because some people do not know how to sext or initiate sexting. 

This blog will look at how to initiate or start sexting with all of our best sexting tips.

What is Sexting?

Before discussing what our favourite sexting tips are and how exactly to do it, it’s important to define sexting.

The word sexting is a combination of “sex” and “texting”. This generally refers to the act of messaging, forwarding, and receiving sexually-related information, such as texts, photos, and videos from one person to another.

Tips & How to Start Sexting

There are many ways you can sext, but there are a few steps to follow to ensure successful sexting. Keep reading for our top sexting tips:

Gauge the level of comfortableness 

This is especially crucial if you have yet to meet the person you’re sexting in real life. 

By gauging how comfortable or how much you can trust your sexting partner, you can potentially reduce the risk of being rejected or the conversation turning awkward once you do start sexting.

So make sure your partner will be comfortable with sexting and that they are someone you trust.


Consent is important in all sexual activity. And sexting is no different!

You don’t have to bluntly send a text stating, “Do I have your consent to begin sexting?”.

You can also take a more subtle approach and say something along the lines of, “Hi, I’ve been thinking about you all day and had some dirty thoughts, would you be interested in hearing about it?”

Ask questions and set boundaries

Assuming you’ve gotten the green light from your partner, the next step involves setting expectations and boundaries. 

There are cases of sexting that went wrong because this step has been skipped. Whereby one party does something completely unexpected, causing the other party to be uncomfortable and in effect ruining the experience.

To avoid this, the best thing you can do is to ask questions about what your partner would prefer. This is helpful as it establishes a boundary between both of you and ensures the atmosphere is positive and comfortable.

When the entire experience is smooth and positive, you will be more comfortable too.

Figure out what arouses your partner

Once you’ve had a little Q&A session with your partner, you should begin considering and figuring what arouses or excites them.

For example, if your partner has mentioned more than once that there is something that they like when sexting, take the hint and incorporate it into future sexting sessions.

Likewise, if you have anything at all that you’d like your partner to say or do during sexting, consider informing and telling them as to allow your experiences with sexting to be more interesting and arousing.


Now that you have gotten a grasp on your partner’s preferences in sexting, don’t dive in straight ahead and write an entire paragraph describing every single detail of how you two are going to have sex. Rather, begin first by teasing your partner. This point may just be the most important when it comes to sexting tips.

Just a simple question or statement can sometimes do wonders in terms of generating sexual tension.; for example, asking “What would you do if I was naked in front of you right now?”.

For those who do not know what to say or text, it is also fine to simply send them a sexy picture or video. However, this only applies if this is something you are comfortable with and would like to do.


Once you’re done teasing, it is time to get into foreplay. This is also important to follow through as the purpose of sexting is to, essentially, replicate sex via text messages.

So, you shouldn’t skip the foreplay part just because you’re sexting, instead, put more effort into it and you might be surprised as to how effective it can be.


By now, you’re all set to start sexting! Have fun with it and always remember to respect both yourself and your partner in the process of sexting in order to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship.

In case you’re wondering what kind of things you can do when sexting, we have compiled a list below:

Explore Sexual Fantasies

Apart from engaging in foreplay and plain sexting, you and your partner can consider exploring some of your sexual fantasies.

Have you ever dreamt of having hot, sexy shower sex together? Or perhaps being roughly dominated? Well, you are able to explore every one of these fantasies by sexting about it with your partner (provided that your partner is comfortable with it; see 2. & 3.)


This is one of our favourite sexting tips to spice up sexting rather than going through with the usual, bland sexting. 

It is more than okay to indulge in your wildest or even weirdest dreams when it comes to role-playing, especially during sext. 

If wanting to have steamy sex in a spaceship that’s traveling towards an alien planet is something you’re into, then consider role-playing this scenario with your partner by sexting.

Voice message

This is an extremely sensual method of sexting without actually having to reveal your identity. 

To use voice messages during sexting, the message should be erotic or dirty in content. It is also a good idea to say it with a low and soft tone, as this can make the entire sexting experience much more pleasurable and personal.

For a greater impact, you can also consider teasing with voice messages. Simply send only one short, dirty sentence via voice message to your partner a day for a week or more, slowly building the anticipation and excitement towards the climax.

NSFW Photos or Videos

One of the most popular and sexually thrilling sexting methods would arguably be via sending or trading NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photos and videos.

It is definitely true that texting each other dirty messages or even leaving naughty voice messages can arouse and pleasure your partner, but none of those methods will have a bigger impact compared to sending NSFW visuals.

This is largely due to the fact that visual aids are one of the most effective ways which can trigger our imagination and fantasize about all sorts of bizarre and erotic scenarios, thus, making it extremely stimulating.

However, before you decide to take a photo or record a video for your sexting partner, take a moment to assess how trustworthy and reliable is that person. It is fairly common that many individuals’ private and intimate information is leaked online as they did not stop and consider the possibility that the person on the receiving end releasing those photos or videos without any consent.

To better protect yourself, there are generally two routes you can consider: firstly, simply refuse and reject any advances from your partner should they request an NSFW photo or video. Remember, it is always your right to do so and you should never be pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with.

Secondly, you can also consider taking NSFW photos or videos that do not feature complete or partial nudity. This could mean a sexy set of lingerie or perhaps a cosplay costume. Some people prefer NSFW visuals that are not completely sexually explicit. This is also a form of teasing and allows the receiving party more room to fantasize.

Live Video Calls

Once you’ve tried all of our sexting tips, you can consider hopping on a video call with your partner to take things to the next level.

This is generally recommended after you’ve known your partner for a while. So you can determine that they are someone you can trust. 

Simply ask your partner whether this is something they would be interested in and arrange a time to connect. When going on a live video call, ensure that you’re somewhere that is private and that you won’t get interrupted.

Common options to go on a live video call include Facetiming, Skyping, or whatever live video calling options the social media platform you’re using offers you.


Sexting is a great way to get some sexual interaction without compromising social distancing. It can sometimes be much more thrilling than a face-to-face meetup or date!

The key is to always be able to communicate what you want with your partner and enjoy each other’s company! And of course, always refer back to these hot tips when in doubt!

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