What is Edging and How Can I Do It?

What is Edging and How Can I Do It?

Brief overview and guide on edging and how you can perform it.

What exactly is “edging”?

Edging is a sexual act whereby an individual brings themselves to the point of almost climax or orgasm, then cutting off any further stimulation and preventing any actual climaxing. The individual will, then, continue to build up towards the climax again.

Why do people practice “edging”?

This is commonly asked by anyone unaware or curious about edging. In general, the climax or orgasm is perhaps the highlight and the most satisfying part when engaging in sexual activities, so why would one intentionally stop it only to do it all over again?

There are not only one but multiple good reasons as to why some practice edging:

  1. More sensual and intense orgasm

When practicing edging repeatedly, your genitalia becomes increasingly sensitive, making way for an intense, sensual, and powerful orgasm. 

The reason for this is that when you start stimulating your penis or vagina, more blood flows to them, making them ultra-sensitive as they prepare to climax. 

By repeatedly stimulating your genitalia to the peak but stopping just before you orgasm, your body is constantly maintaining a sexually aroused and sensitive condition. Once you let this build up and eventually orgasm, the euphoric feeling will be multiplied and intensified. 

  1. Increases your libido and stamina during sex

During intercourse, both parties should be able to achieve orgasm. However, this isn’t always the case, as males, on average, have orgasms almost three times faster than females. This causes a situation where men are more likely to orgasm during intercourse compared to women.

Thus, one way which helps both parties to orgasm during sex is to edge. By delaying both parties’ orgasms, both can continue the intercourse up to the point where both of you are ready to climax. And once you’re both ready to orgasm and do so simultaneously, the euphoric feeling and blissful rush are even more intoxicating than just a regular orgasm or one-sided orgasm.

Hence, it is generally established that edging allows both parties to gain the satisfaction that they sought when engaging in sexual intercourse. This also further adds the blissful atmosphere and positive experience of the intercourse between you and your partner, giving both parties something to look forward to the next time you do have intercourse.

  1. Kinky 

It isn’t a surprise that edging is becoming increasingly popular as more and more couples practice it due to its kinkiness. Some couples or sex-partners are simply looking to add a little more excitement when they get intimate, and edging is one way which they could both do so without much hassle. 

Other couples may also be looking to experiment with their sexual preferences or discover new kinks which they can incorporate during intercourse, and a great starting point is edging. This largely revolves around the fact that edging doesn’t require many complex steps and that it is beginner-friendly; in the sense that most people can practice it without much prior practice.

Who should be the one edging?

In the majority of the cases, it would appear that men in a heterosexual relationship are the ones that practice edging during intercourse. This is largely supported by the fact that men are statistically likelier to orgasm than women, thus, having to edge in order to prolong the intercourse.

However, it would be inaccurate to assume that women cannot or should not edge. In fact, for some women, edging is a handy method that makes masturbating more entertaining and gratifying for them. 

Some studies have also indicated that women who aren’t able to properly orgasm during intercourse with their partner may choose to edge during masturbation and can achieve an orgasm that is just as good as the one you would get from intercourse.

How should I edge?

To begin with, you should start with masturbation. This is mainly because you would be alone when masturbating, allowing you to be more self-aware and more space to practice and experiment with how you edge.

Once you’re more well-versed and comfortable with your edging routine, you should consider practicing edging during intercourse. The same general principles apply: proceed with stimulation to your genitalia and just as you’re about to climax, stop any further stimulation and prevent the orgasm. Then, the build-up towards to climax with stimulation again and repeat as many times as you wish or necessary.

In addition, there are also different methods by which people edge, for this instance, some individuals, just as they are about to orgasm, would cut off any further stimulation abruptly to prevent actual orgasm to edge. 

Whilst, some others slowly dial down the stimulation and gradually stops the orgasm instead of cutting it off right off the bat. However, there is truly no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to edging and it is more important that you discover a method of edging which suits you perfectly.

Should I try edging?

Other than the aforementioned numerous benefits that edging may yield, edging as a sexual practice is definitely liberating and an opportunity for you to unlock a new level of sexual satisfaction and gain a new perspective on how you can make orgasm much, much better.

Lastly, now that you’ve already read it thus far, it would be a waste not to give it a shot, no?

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