What is the P-Spot and Where You Can Find It

What is the P-Spot and Where You Can Find It

An up-to-date overview on what the P-spot is and how you can locate it

The P-spot, also synonymously known as the “male G-spot”, is basically the prostate gland. There. That’s it. It’s highly likely that you could’ve deduced that from the name “P-spot”; the “P” in P-spot stands for prostate.

Unlike the G-spot and its highly debatable nature, the P-spot is something verified scientifically to exist as part of the male sex organ and is also known to produce exhilarating and extremely powerful orgasm when some pressure is put on it.

Where Is It?

The P-spot or the prostate gland is located around the bladder and is usually the size of a walnut. 

Its main responsibility in the body and as part of the male sexual reproductive system is to produce a special type of liquid known as the seminal fluid. In return, the seminal fluid is in charge of supplying sufficient nutrients to the sperm cell and also transporting them.

How Can I Find It?

First off, it is important to establish that as the P-spot is located within the body, there are two main ways which you can use to locate and find it: externally or internally.


If you decide to find it externally, it is usually located by the perineum area; the perineum area is a part of the body that stretches from your scrotum to your anus.

To help your partner experience pleasure using the P-spot externally, simply place your hand over the perineum area and slowly massage it. Depending on how they react, you can either choose to speed up or slow down even more. Always keep in mind that everyone may react to the stimulation of the P-spot differently.

This external method of stimulating the P-spot is also highly recommended for anyone or any couple that is just beginning to experiment with the P-spot. This is largely due to it being less penetrative and simple to perform. Some individuals are also uncomfortable with any anal-related plays.


To locate it internally, it can be reached via the anus. Its approximate location within the anus is about two inches deep. 

This is a great way to intensify the orgasm an individual may experience as reaching the P-spot internally is a much more intimate and erotic method of doing so, as opposed to reaching it externally. However, to reach the P-spot internally, there are some materials that are required and recommended in order to achieve the best result:

  • Lube
  • Condoms
  • Sex toys

As you are reaching into the anus with either your finger(s) or sex toys, you would need to prepare some lubricants to prevent any friction or injuries. The lube is also there to ensure that the entire play goes well and uninterrupted, and thus, directly contributing and helping you with enhancing the erotic atmosphere and environment.

In terms of the condoms, they are largely needed as you are reaching into an anus. Due to the fact that the anus is the body part responsible for excreting and dispelling feces, there is undoubtedly bacteria present all around it, thus, it would be extremely unhygienic and could potentially cause you illness if not dealt with properly. Thus, condoms would go a long way in protecting your health.

Sex toys are optional, not a must. Some individuals or couples may find the presence of sex toys more thrilling and exciting, so it may be a mood-booster depending on your preferences regarding sex toys.

Now that you’ve prepared all your materials, follow the steps below:

  1. Lube up your finger(s) and place a condom over it.
  2. Get your partner into a position where the anus is in clear view and easily accessed, but make sure that they are comfortable.
  3. Slowly insert your finger inside their anus. Take note to never go too fast, in fact, do it as slow as possible to ensure that your partner is not overwhelmed.
  4. Once your finger is around two inches deep, begin moving your finger in an upward fashion slowly and feel around for the prostate gland.
  5. The prostate should feel like a rounded ball of soft tissues.
  6. To properly stimulate it, begin slowly caressing it by extending and retracting your finger near the prostate.
  7. There is no exact length of how long it should last, so it is important that both partners are communicating with each other so that both parties know when to stop.

Before you begin… 

Just as it is important to perform the stimulation of the P-spot properly, you must also make sure that your partner is comfortable and happy to engage in plays involving their P-spot. A great way to make sure that they are completely into it would be to engage in a conversation. 

During the conversation, always make sure to be as specific as possible in order to make sure that the whole ordeal proceeds smoothly and that both parties know what to expect, what line not to cross, how intense the play should be, etc. 

Once you’re done with the P-spot, it is also important that you ask for your partner’s feedback so that they can guide you on how you can improve and make the entire act more erotic, pleasurable, and gratifying.


That’s everything you would need to know about the P-spot and how you can find it on an individual. Remember that this is a play designed to make sexual activity much more exciting and thus, if any party is uncomfortable, do not hesitate to pull the plug, rather than risk ruining the entire mood.

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