How To Use A Prostate Massager

How To Use A Prostate Massager

A step-by-step guide on how to use a prostate massager

The prostate is one of the many parts of your reproductive system which is located beneath the bladder and near the penis and testicles. It is common and possible for many people to derive erotic pleasure by stimulating the prostate and one efficient way to do this is by using a prostate massager or prostate toy.

A prostate massager is usually placed on the spot where your prostate is located and from the constant vibrations from the massager, you are able to gain pleasure and even an orgasm (dubbed the “Super-O” by Aneros). However, in order to achieve this, the first step would be to know how to use the massager in the correct way. Not only will it potentially provide you with more satisfaction, but you will also be able to do things safely while using it.

Today’s post is a brief and concise guide on how to use a prostate massager, let’s dive in…

How Do I Use A Prostate Massager?

Below are a few simple steps to follow to correctly use a prostate massager:

  1. Hygiene

As with many other things hygiene is one of the first steps to take when you are considering using a prostate massager. Clean yourself thoroughly not just around the prostate but also your entire body. This will ensure that your session with the prostate massager is going to be hygienic and also prevent and curb the spread of any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Other than your own hygiene, it is also important to maintain and clean up your prostate massager as you are using the massager on yourself.

  1. Comfort

Being comfortable is always an important thing when you are trying out a prostate massager or any other sex toy. In addition, having a comfortable place for you to use the massager not only aids you in achieving an orgasm but also helps your whole body to relax and not tense up, resulting in an overall better and more pleasurable outcome.

If you are using a prostate massager with a partner, it also helps improve the atmosphere and mood if both parties are comfortable. Some things you can consider doing to increase comfort could be lighting up some candles, putting on some music, or dimming the room’s lights, get creative!

  1. Lube up

Ok, this one is a must. Especially if you are new to prostate play!

In addition, with any plays that involve penetration, it is also advised that you should definitely have lube on standby and apply it before using any toys for penetration.

  1. Begin with a finger

For beginners and those who are trying out a prostate massager, it is recommended that you should use your finger to start the stimulation of your prostate, rather than jumping straight into using a prostate massager. This is largely due to the fact that the prostate is an extremely sensitive part of your body and using a prostate massager straightaway without any previous experience may make you overwhelmed.

The best way to avoid this scenario would be to experiment with a finger first.

Next, apply some lube on your finger(s) and slide it inside the anus. Then, hold the position of your finger(s) for a couple of moments; this is for the ring of muscles around your anus to relax and to get used to the pressure your fingers are exerting. Repeat this step and keep moving your finger(s) inside the anus slowly until it reaches about three inches deep.

By then, you should feel a little bump and, in order to stimulate it, start by closing and opening your finger(s) in a “hooking” motion. It is important for you to perform this motion as slowly as possible and you should also make sure you’re paying attention to any signs of pain or discomfort, regardless of whether you are stimulating yourself or your partner.

  1. Select the right type of prostate massager

The important next step would be to consider the type of prostate massager that would be suitable for you. If you are a beginner you should definitely look at purchasing a beginner prostate massager – Aneros have some great options! Below is a couple of things that you can consider when selecting and purchasing a prostate massager:

  • Material – Is it waterproof? Is it body-safe? Is it vibrating? Remote-controlled?
  • Size – Small? Medium? Large?

In addition, try to keep in mind that there are many different types of sex toys available to stimulate the prostate and that you might not necessarily need to use a prostate massager. If you ever feel like using the massager is too much or overwhelming, do not hesitate to shelf it. Just keep your options open, and don’t force yourself to use a prostate massager if you think you’re just not ready yet.

  1. Speak to your doctor regarding any prostate problems

In using a prostate massager, it is important to note that it is not just used to experience pleasure from. You can also use the massager as a treatment in the form of physical therapy to curb prostate conditions and problems.

  1. Using the Prostate Massager

This is the last step so, naturally, it involves using the prostate massager. To use a prostate massager properly, simply apply some lube on both the massager and your anus, then, slowly insert the prostate massager inside your anus. After slowly inserting it, begin by stimulating your anus just as you would with your fingers. And enjoy!


Some of the best prostate massagers we love to recommend would be the Aneros prostate massager, LELO prostate massager or Adam and Eve prostate massager. Aneros were a pioneer in the business and have a great selection of prostate massager toys in particular, they also have some vibrating prostate massagers and remote control prostate massagers.

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