Is Lube Safe during Pregnancy?

Is Lube Safe during Pregnancy?

Being pregnant makes you HYPER aware of everything you put into and onto your body – and using lubricant is no exception. When a woman is pregnant they actually naturally produce an increased amount of vaginal fluids due to hormones and other things, (note that some women can also be drier down there when pregnant), it just depends on your body! So just maybe, your being pregnant means you don’t even need to use lubricants! But on the off chance you love using lube and don’t wanna give it up for the next nine months, keep reading to find out if lube is safe to use during pregnancy.

Today’s blog is setting out to discuss the usage of lube during pregnancy, so you have one less thing to worry about…

Which Lube is Safe During Pregnancy?

The safest and most reliable type of lubricant you can use during pregnancy would be water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are mainly made out of natural ingredients. They also contain the least amount of artificial ingredients and chemicals compared to other types of lubricants. In addition, water-based lubricants are also suitable during pregnancy as they are extremely smooth and easy to use, making it much more comfortable for pregnant women to masturbate or have sex.

Water-based lubricant is easily absorbed into the body . And so, using a water-based lubricant would require you to reapply it quite a few times in order to ensure smoothness and slickness during sex (compared to other lubes).

Will the Lubricant Reach the Baby If I Use It During Pregnancy?

No, it would absolutely not. Because your cervix (or uterus) is sealed shut. So it doesn’t allow any external forms of liquid to pass through and reach your baby.

Which Types of Lubricants Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

  1. Lubes that contain glycerin, parabens, and fragrances

These ingredients can cause extreme irritation for pregnant women; the female genitalia becomes more sensitive for the duration of the nine months during pregnancy.

  1. Lubes that contain additives

Lubes that contain additives can cause discomfort and irritation in pregnancy.

  1. Flavoured lubes

Flavoured lubes usually have sugar as one of their main ingredients, and while this isn’t unsafe, it could potentially increase the risk of you developing a yeast infection, which nobody wants!

  1. Silicone + Oil-Based Lubricants

Whilst these are not strictly unsuitable, you should avoid using them as they can disrupt the pH balance of your vagina, resulting in an increase in the risk of infection. You can also usually refer to the manufacturer or brand and they may be able to let you know if you can use it.

Can I Use Other Lube-Like Products That Are Safe During Pregnancy?

You should avoid these products as there is a chance they could contain glycerin, parabens, and fragrances:

  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Baby Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Vegetable Shortening
  • Body Moisturizer

What about after I’ve given birth?

It’s all about you, baby – use whatever lubricant you like and enjoy!

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