Your Guide to Temperature Play

Your Guide to Temperature Play

First things first, a little bit of science and explanation behind what exactly temperature play is. The physiological sexual reaction of feeling the cold or heat of a substance causes an increase in heart rate and blood flow.

Temperature play may seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually rather simple to try out. You don’t even need a dungeon’s worth of pricey gadgets and accessories to achieve it. It will make foreplay more enjoyable and introduce you to new feelings that you maybe didn’t know you would love! There are more severe types of temperature play with fire, such as streaking or cupping, but for now, let’s begin with the basics.

What is Temperature Play?

It’s a method used frequently (but not solely) in BDSM and ‘vanilla’ foreplay that employs heat or cold to stimulate the skin and elicit a sexual response. To heighten the feeling, temperature play is frequently paired with blindfolding or bondage, or even both if you want.

The primary goal of temperature play is to elicit arousal via the skin’s neuroreceptors. Heat or cold stimulation causes a flood of feeling in the body, which is translated into arousal during foreplay. Temperature play is extremely fun and sexy for all parties when hot and cold temperatures are blended in unanticipated combinations.

To get the most out of temperature play, mix hot and cold temperatures. Warm liquids such as molten wax, melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, or edible oil can all be added to the mix to make it more delightful. We’ve included a fun suggestion for a HOT AF massage candle below.

Jelique Hot AF Black Cherry Massage Candle

What Are the Tools Needed?

In addition to the fruits and nutrients described above, sex toys may be fantastic instruments for temperature play. Objects that maintain warmth, such as metal or glass, can be utilized after being cooled or heated. There are also many toys with a heating function that can be super fun to try. The Sway by Lora DiCarlo is our go-to.

Lora DiCarlo Sway Warming Massager

How To Do It?

As corny as it may seem, ice cubes are fantastic for some DIY temperature play instruments. Put one in your mouth and let it melt slightly. The ice cube’s coolness will deliver pleasure anywhere you desire.

Ice cube hand jobs may be a lot of fun if you partner has a penis. You can also use one hand to hold an ice pack while the other remains at body temperature. By switching hands while doing a hand job, you will experience a wide range of feelings. It’s a whole lot fun you didn’t even know you were missing out on.

When arranging a weekend getaway, contact your hotel and request that an ice bucket be left in your room. They’ll probably assume it’s for some beverages, but you can use it to chill your glass dildos or other toys. The smooth glass’s chilly touch will amplify feelings on every body part it touches.

If you want to attempt temperature play at home, place your glass toys in a basin of cold water a few minutes before you’re about to use them. To reheat them, place them in a bowl of warm water (never use boiling water) for 5 to 15 minutes and allow them to cool to the temperature you want before using. Before applying, always test the temperature on another region of skin (such as your inner elbow).

How to Get Started?

Heating or Cooling your sex toys:

Your favorite sex item is the ideal way to go to mix cold and hot temperatures in both coupled and solo sex. Toys made of materials that carry cold and heat well, such as stainless steel sex toys or little glass anal toys, will produce more intense temperatures.

Try to use Ice Cubes:

When it comes to temperature play, ice may be the most straightforward option. You only needs a few ice cubes from an ice tray. You can splatter melting ice water over your partner’s skin. Put the ice cube in your mouth and then slump on your companion or run your chilly tongue along their erogenous zones. Alternatively, you can massage the ice cube itself around your partner’s nipples, lips, neck, and genitals.

Warming up your mouth:

Temperature and tongues are a perfect fit. A cup of hot tea or coffee is all it takes to make your mouth feel warmer than usual. Drink your hot beverage immediately before going down on your spouse and observe how they might react to the new feeling.

Try the massage candles:

Massage candles are specially designed to burn at lower temperatures than traditional wax candles. They also melt into deliciously scented oil that you can put onto your partner’s skin for a sensual massage.

While the massage candles are usually cooler than store-bought candles, it does not mean that they’re not hot, they’re simply less likely to burn your skin. 

Make use of cream, whipped cream, ice cream or any delectable treat:

Another excellent temperature-playing combination? Playing with food. Simply open your refrigerator or freezer, take any cold delicacy you want in your mouth or on your body, and get to business.

However, if you choose sweet foods such as whipped cream or ice cream, keep it away from the genitals to avoid any yeast infection.

Hot wax dripping:

At last, we get to the more intensive temperature play. Wax play can be very risky and dangerous if you’re using a conventional candle rather than a massage oil candle, you might also burn your skin if you’re not too careful with the hot wax. Make sure to be careful and test your limits while you start cautiously. People who are particularly susceptible to such temperature shifts are typically drawn to temperature play, a sensuous technique that mixes hot or cold components into sexy time.

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