How Many Calories does Masturbation Burn?

How Many Calories does Masturbation Burn?

Ok, we’ve been wondering about this for a while; does masturbating really burn calories and if so, how many calories does masturbation burn?

We’ve all done it to pleasure ourselves and to reach climaxes and orgasms. But when you really think about masturbation in terms of its other benefits, an interesting question to ask is whether it has the effect of burning calories in your body. Today’s article will explore that exact topic of whether or not masturbation burns calories.

Does Masturbation Burn Calories?

The short answer is yes. Masturbation does burn calories. The idea behind masturbation burning calories is simply due to the fact that masturbation is really much like exercising or working out. Like exercising, masturbation is also essentially a physical activity that has the effect of increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping. So, the longer and faster your heart rate remains up, along with your blood pumping around your body, it’s a natural reaction that your body will be burning calories.

When you begin masturbating, your body will be moving and when this continuous movement is prolonged, your heart rate begins to increase and, then, leads to your body burning calories. One last key takeaway is that over the entire course of masturbation, the single point in time where you burn the most calories is during the climax or orgasm. This is due to the fact that your body uses up a large amount of energy when climaxing which results in your body burning an equivalently large number of calories. We couldn’t be more here for that last bit!

How Many Calories Does Orgasming Burn Exactly?

Before getting down to the numbers, it is important to note that there are several factors that may influence the number of calories burnt while masturbating:

  • Length/Duration of Masturbation
  • Intensity
  • Position
  • Length/Duration of Orgasm

On average, it’s been shown that the number of calories burned while masturbating is about 70 kCal (kilocalorie). In comparison, the average number of calories burned while conducting sexual activities in general measures at approximately 101 kCal and 69 kCal for males and females, respectively.

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