Meet the Minds behind Dame Products

Meet the Minds behind Dame Products

Dame isn’t any ordinary sex toy retailer. With nourishing sexual contentment and wellness in mind, Dame products provides a women-powered source for products designed not just for pleasure, but also to deepen connections.

Background of Dame Products

Dame was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Fine, a sexologist, and Janet Lieberman, an MIT engineer. According to the two founders, the ethos of Dame is to make an impact and enrichment of lifestyle. Whether that’s within or beyond the context of your sex life. Dame has always been about breaking barriers and pushing limits.

In 2014, Dame managed to develop the most crowdfunded sex toy in history known as the Eva vibrator.  In 2016, the Fin, was the first-ever sex toy that was allowed to be advertised on the crowdfunding app; Kickstarter. Dame has also been active in promoting and revolutionizing awareness in relation to sexual wellness and lifestyle.

In 2019, Dame brought legal action against NYC’s subways on the basis that they were discriminatory in what was allowed to be advertised. This lawsuit has caught the attention of many celebrated publishers such as the New York Times, Forbes, and Vice. Dame describes themselves as being on a mission to close the “Pleasure Gap”. They are attempting to reform and change this by “shaping paths to shame-free sexual pleasure”.

What Sets Dame Products Apart

On top of its impressive and stark background, Dame has also developed itself into a one-of-a-kind and truly special company. This is evidently pointed out by various aspects of Dame that really sets them apart from their competitors. 

Doctor-Approved Products

One of Dame’s most striking features is its guarantee of only using 100% body-safe materials. Dame does so by organizing a Clinical Board of Medical Advisors, consisting of a total of 3 experts and professionals in the sexual health industry. Before Dame is able to make a decision on materials, product developments, and hardware designs, they would have to seek advice and approval from this Clinical Board of Medical Advisors.

People Focused Research

Another special feature of Dame is its insistence on catering its products to suit its consumers. This approach was greatly exemplified with Dame Labs, a community established by Dame in order to conduct people focused research relating to various topics such as sex, health, pleasure, lifestyle, and mindfulness. By signing up with Dame Labs, Dame is able to gain valuable insights and perspectives on various projects that they are conducting, such as helping them develop and design products, discuss intimacy and pleasure, and also share their own personal opinions. This is also one of the many ways in which Dame really proves that they are a company that is willing to go the extra mile for their customers’ satisfaction.

Workshops and Contents

Dame also goes beyond a company that sells sex toys: it also provides various workshops and content in order to help you grow and develop as an individual. In regards to its workshops, Dame offers different workshops that help you discover pleasure, develop a mind-body connection, and to also cultivate intimacy. By signing up with Dame workshops, you are able to gain access to live remote classes, the ability to ask questions directly to an expert, and also receive worksheets, recordings, and resources that you can utilize even after the workshop! Some past workshops conducted by Dame include Mindful Sex, De-Stress Your Sex, Pelvic Floor Pilates, and Soothing Self-Massage. Dame also provides content and resources that can aid you in gaining and discovering new helpful information. Dame has written multiple blog posts including Your Guide to Your Wellness, How to Tell If You’ve Had an Orgasm, and Condoms 101: Staying Safe in the Sack.

Where To Buy Dame Products?

You can find all of Dame sex toys at XOXTOYS. They offer a wide range of products from couples vibrators to sex toy pillows (Pillo).


Dame is not just a company: it is a community-oriented, wellness-based, and revolutionary organization. They seek to redefine the boundaries and limits of sexual health and pleasure-seeking.

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