What are Tenga Eggs?

What are Tenga Eggs?

In today’s blog, we look at a unique type of sex toy developed by Japanese adult toy company, Tenga. These special little toys are known as Tenga Eggs.

What Are Tenga Eggs?

They are essentially a breed of masturbators aimed at helping individuals with penises to reach an orgasm or climax with the greatest erotic pleasure. As its name implies, the exterior of the Tenga Egg is egg-shaped. Once you remove it, it reveals a miniature egg-shaped sleeve made out of body-safe materials (it is also this “inner sleeve” that you use for masturbation).

The silicone sleeves are equipped with a variety of different textures. These are essentially unique arrangements of little bumps and ridges around the insides of the toy. Tenga offers a wide selection of unique textures (e.g., Tornado, Clicker, and Stepper). These patented textures are precisely what made the Tenga Eggs so popular and in high demand. And they can certainly help you reach an incredible orgasm!

Another reason why they are so popular in both the adult toy industry and amongst sex toy enthusiasts is that they can be easily used during both solo masturbation and during sex with a partner. With some lube and a hand, you can easily use the Tenga Egg on your own or with your partner.

With rapid technological advancements, it isn’t surprising to see that many electronic sex toys require minimal manual effort from us and this, of course, includes masturbators (and many electronic versions by Tenga themselves). But the classic Tenga Egg gives the user the opportunity to try out different textures and feels. Because they are so simple to use and won’t break the bank – they remain a favourite for all toy users.


Tenga Eggs:

They are a type of masturbator made by a Japanese company, Tenga. They are shaped like eggs on the exterior and contain a silicone sleeve inside that has texturized bumps, ridges, and nooks for your pleasure. Super easy to use, requiring only some lube and your favourite hand. Each egg also comes with a sachet of water-based lubricant for you to use with the egg. Simply squeeze some lube inside the silicone sleeve, insert your penis inside, and begin stroking it until orgasm.

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