What is Vabbing?

What is Vabbing?

Recently, the TikTok trend of ‘vabbing’ has become increasingly popular. Today’s post takes a look at exactly what it is and how it works.

With the popularity of TikTok, you can almost always expect some eccentric trend to pop up, storming the Internet, and trends within the sex industry is no different.

What is it Exactly?

The word itself is actually a short-hand reference for ‘vaginal dabbing’, meaning the usage of genital fluids as a form of perfume.

How Does ‘Vabbing’ Work?

Vabbing normally involves applying genital fluids on various parts of your body, as with a conventional perfume. 

There aren’t any exact hard rules on where you can apply these genital fluids. A TikTok user suggested to only use them on parts of the body that have minimal or no contact with other people or surfaces (i.e. behind your ears).

What’s The Reasoning Behind ‘Vabbing’?

The central idea behind this trend is that our genital fluids naturally contain pheromones, an integral hormone used during communication between animals (including humans). 

The goal is that by exposing these fluids and using them as perfume, the attraction of partners for either sexual or romantic purposes may increase.

Does ‘Vabbing’ Actually Work?

One TikTok user has mentioned that she has witnessed nothing but positive results since she started vabbing. Her experience resulted in guys approaching her more frequently and she even had one male buying her an expensive gift set.


With no exact proven scientific theory behind it, it is doubtful whether this will become mainstream. 

However, it is also evident that many individuals have had positive experiences with vabbing.

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