What Occupation has the Best Sex Life?

What Occupation has the Best Sex Life?

Ever wondered what occupation has the best sex life? We have too! We’ve all made assumptions on what occupation seems like they would have the hottest and steamiest sex.

But today’s blog looks at some serious research and studies to find out exactly what occupation has the best sex life, once and for all. We’re tired of guessing and we’re sure you are too!

Who’s Having the Most Sex?

Don’t worry. We’re not going to make you wait for this one. You’ll be either totally surprised (or not shocked at all) to discover that farmers are having the best and most sex. A very hot 33% of farmers claim to be doing the deed at least once a day. This is followed not so far behind by architects. With 21% saying they’re having sex once in a day. Hairdressers are in next, with 17% of them stating to have sex daily.

Surprised by those three occupations having the best sex lives? We had some suspicions but definitely didn’t call it like that.

Which Occupation is Having the Least Sex?

On the other side of the coin, we thought you’d like to know which jobs and professions are seemingly getting the least amount of action. So maybe you can change career plan, if you’re feeling so inclined (just joking). 

The same 2019 study done by LELO UK found that journalists and lawyers weren’t having the best time in the bedroom. Journalists admitting to having sex on a monthly basis (disclaimer: I am not a journalist). While lawyers are apparently the hardest to please in the bedroom. They’ve stated they often feel the need to fake orgasms (that orgasm gap is not looking good, people.)

Our Initial Assumption

Before researching and finding out what occupation had the best sex life. We challenged our colleagues to divulge who they thought would be getting the most action. Their responses included job professions such as teachers, restaurant servers, and construction workers.

However, working in the sex toy industry led to one similar consensus between us all: surely the answer to what occupation has the best sex life is simple: it should be us? The people manufacturing, selling, and marketing these fabulous pleasure products should be having the best sex. As we’ve come to find out this isn’t the case (we must be too busy working hard.) So there you have it; the farmers are getting all the action. Good on them!

We’d love to hear what your occupation is, and how much action you think the people within your job industry are getting compared to others. Let us know in the comments.

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