How To Have a Nipplegasm

How To Have a Nipplegasm

Surely most of us would have heard of orgasm and probably even experienced it. However, have you heard of a “nipplegasm”?

Well, if you haven’t, read on. Because today’s blog post seeks to explain exactly what that is and how you can have one.

What Is a Nipplegasm?

It’s actually a terminology that combines the word “nipple” together with “orgasm”, thus, forming “nipplegasm”.

Its meaning isn’t too hard to decipher: it refers to an orgasm that stems from the stimulation of the nipple(s).

Scientifically, it occurs due to the fact that a nipple is set up and “wired” to the same area of the brain that the vagina and the clit are connected to the hypothalamus.

The function of the hypothalamus is to regulate the different feelings we may experience, including pleasure. So, in the same way, that you get an orgasm by repeatedly stimulating your vagina, you can do the same with your nipple(s).

How To Have a Nipplegasm

To have or experience a nipplegasm, follow the steps below:

  1. Kegel Exercise

The best-recommended practice is to perform some Kegel exercises before you want to have a nipplegasm and also do it while you’re trying to have a nipplegasm.

For those who are confused about what Kegel exercises are, it is basically a set of exercises that helps you strengthen and build your pelvic and vaginal muscles. 

Pro tip: You can find different types and methods of Kegel exercises online. Try a few and see which one suits you the best and stick with that.

  1. Play With Your Genital Simultaneously

While a nipplegasm is indeed brought via stimulation of the nipples, it is also important for you to play with your genitals simultaneously.

This is because your genitals are also extremely sensitive and can help you reach a nipplegasm if stimulated simultaneously with your nipples.

  1. Manifest It

This is probably the most important step for you to complete in order to have a nipplegasm.

The reason behind this is that your mind is so much more powerful than you can realize and the more you imagine and visualize yourself having it, the likelier and faster you are to actually have it.

So, in order to manifest it, you can close your eyes and focus on the different sensations around your body and will it to an orgasm.


Three important steps for you to follow in order to reach a nipplegasm:

  • Kegel exercises
  • Genital stimulation
  • Mental visualization and manifestation.

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