What Is an Überlube?

What Is an Überlube?

What Is an Überlube and What Does It Do?

A lubricant (or lube for short) is basically a gel-like liquid product that reduces and prevents any unwanted friction. 

There are many different brands of lubricants out there and it’s difficult to recognize every single product. Today we would like to bring to your attention one of the best and most popular brands of lubricant: Überlube.

What Is Überlube and What Benefits Does It Bring?

Überlube is a brand of lubricant that is developed and manufactured in Chicago, typically in small batches. This means that it is usually out of stock or in very limited stock.

Some of the benefits that it brings include:

  • Longer-lasting: If you are looking for a lube that does not wear off easily and quickly, the Überlube should be one of your best bets as it is specifically designed to be more long-lasting than its other competitors.
  • No sticky/goo-y residue: Certain other brands of lubricants may sometimes leave behind a sticky and goo-y sensation that is often undesirable and difficult to clean. With Überlube, you can rest assured as its formula makes it easily cleaned off with virtually zero stains or residues being left behind.
  • Zero fragrance/flavors: Überlube consists of materials and compounds that emit zero fragrance and is very suitable for all skin types, especially those that are sensitive and allergic-prone.
  • Works in water: One of the most special features of Überlube is that it works even underwater! This means that you can use it in the shower, pool, or even the sea.
  • Easily cleaned: If you do happen to spill some of Überlube on your sheets or pillows, worry not. It has been specifically designed to be easily cleaned off with a regular wash using detergent.
  • Precision pumps: Überlube‘s packaging has also been innovative as each pump from the bottle produces the exact amount of lube needed for the best experience. This feature can come in handy, let’s say you were in the dark: one pump from the bottle and you have all you need!
  • Works with latex: This is arguably the most important feature of Überlube as it’s compatible with latex and thus, works well with condoms in general. So, with Überlube, you can enjoy it without having to worry that it will break or compromise your condoms.


Überlube is one of the most popular and in-demand sex products on the market right now. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  1. Longer-lasting
  2. No sticky/goo-y residue
  3. Zero fragrance/flavors
  4. Works in water
  5. Easily cleaned
  6. Precision pumps
  7. Works with latex

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