What Is Cruising?

What Is Cruising?

What Is Cruising and How Does It Work?

Nope, it does not refer to sailing a boat. We’re talking about an entirely different definition here.

Today’s post seeks to explain what cruising is and how it works exactly. 

What Is Cruising?

It basically means the act of wandering around public areas and seeking sex or sexual-related acts with strangers.

Two main things make cruising different from your usual hook-up:

  • Anonymity: it literally involves two strangers hooking up with no exchanges of names or any other basic personal details at all. All you would know of is the person’s external appearance.
  • One-time encounter: When you’re cruising and meet a person, it is very unlikely that you’ll meet the person again in the same place. So, virtually all cruising encounters are a one-time thing that would most likely not occur again.

Where Did the Term Cruising Come From?

Historically, it was believed that the term came from either the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. 

It was first used around the 1960s, especially amongst the LGBT community, as a safe method to engage in sexual activities.

The LGBT community was not well-accepted back then and they were ruthlessly prosecuted.

Hence, cruising was one of the most effective methods that allowed them to be themselves

How Does it Work?

Below is a brief guideline that you can follow for a safe and successful cruise:

  1. Pick An Area

Look for any area near your house or neighborhood where you feel comfortable and safe performing sexual activities. 

Then, check out the area beforehand to ensure that there are no surveillances or any CCTVs because if the area was equipped with them, it would certainly defeat the purpose of cruising.

  1. Watch Out for Signals

Once you arrive at the area and begin cruising, watch out for any individuals who are alone, walking slowly, and looking around (basically anyone who looks like they are doing what you’re doing).

Then, pay attention and catch signals, including nod of the head, prolonged eye contact, and other similar signs using body language. This usually means that the individual is also cruising.

  1. Personal Belongings

Once you have connected and are about to engage in sexual activities with another stranger, ensure that your personal belongings, such as wallets, phones, and keys, are safely stored and protected. It would be better if you could leave them at home.


  • Cruising refers to the act of meeting strangers anonymously in public areas in order to engage in sexual activities
  • Common areas to cruise include parks, fields, and canals.
  • The term came from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia around the 1960s.

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