What is a Chastity Cage?

What is a Chastity Cage?

Many of you would have wondered what a chastity cage is and how it works, well look no further. Today’s post seeks to discuss what it is and how you can use one.

What Is a Chastity Cage?

It is essentially a lock for a penis and is usually shaped like one as well. However, its size is not similar to an erected penis, rather it is made in accordance with the size of an average flaccid penis. 

So, how a it works is that once placed on your penis and locked, it prevents you from getting an erection. And for some men, this is extremely exciting and hot. Some have even gone beyond and claimed that the chastity cage has made their orgasm more fulfilling and gratifying.

Furthermore, it is also often used in instances of D&S plays (dominant and submissive plays). Where the person who has a chastity cage has to entirely depend on and submit to the dominant person as they have the keys to unlock it.

How Do I Put it on?

  1. Lube Up and Put on The Ring:

Apply a generous amount of lube over your penis and testicles – your penis must be in a flaccid condition and will not work if you’re hard and erect.

Once you’ve done that, slip your entire penis into the ring provided with the chastity cage.

  1. Put On the Cage

Then, carefully place your entire penis into it. There should be some space all around your penis but that space should be large to the extent that you can get an erection.

After that, connect the pins that are on the ring with the holes in the cage. You should be able to feel a click that tells you that the ring and chastity cage is secured.

  1. Lock it up

The last step is to lock it up. The chastity cage sometimes provides you with a lock that fits into it, but on occasions where it is not provided, you should look for a lock that can fit into the hold on top of it.

Once you have locked it, voila, you have successfully put it on .


  • It is a device that prevents you from getting an erection.
  • Many find this kinky and sexually exciting; some use it for D&S plays.
  • To put it on, lube your penis and testicles, fit the ring, connect these two components, and lock the chastity cage up.

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