What is the Death Grip & How to Fix It

What is the Death Grip & How to Fix It

As part of ‘No Nut November,’ today’s blog post seeks to shed light on what the Death Grip Syndrome entails and how you can fix it.

When it comes to mens’ sexual health, there’s a few topics that don’t get a lot of attention. While most of mens’ sexual health products are designed to assist men in lasting longer, there’s also many patterns and bad habits many men are forming due to binging porn at an early age. This leads to the inability to climax with a partner due to unhealthy conditioning.

What is the Death Grip Syndrome?

Firstly, it is important to establish that Death Grip Syndrome isn’t a disease or issue that can be found in most medical manuals or textbooks. This is due to the fact that the Death Grip Syndrome is more of a slang-derived terminology.

Death Grip Syndrome refers to how, due to performing masturbation with an overly tight and firm grip, the penis has become desensitized to an extent where a person encounters difficulty in reaching an orgasm or climax during ordinary sexual intercourse or other related sexual acts.

One common indicator that someone has the Death Grip Syndrome is that they find it easy and natural to orgasm and climax while masturbating or self-pleasuring but face difficulty doing the same when engaging in sex.

One corollary of Death Grip Syndrome is that someone may find sex no longer satisfactory and chooses to abandon it in favor of masturbation. In return, this may give rise to intimacy issues and this can be especially problematic if you have a partner.

How Can I Fix the Death Grip Syndrome?

This is a three-fold method that may help mitigate and reduce the significance of Death Grip Syndrome:

Taking a Break from Masturbation

Slowing Down During Masturbation

Using Toys to Re-condition Pleasure

Taking a Break from Masturbation

Take a break from masturbation for at least a week, or more if you’re able to do so.

This also involves staying off any pornographic content or sexual stimulation scenarios. Instead, put more time and effort into other aspects of your life.

Slowing Down During Masturbation

After a week or so, it is more than fine for you to start masturbating again.

However, you should avoid climaxing too fast and instead opt for a more slow-paced orgasm, where you slowly ease yourself into an orgasm.

Furthermore, to cope with any intimacy issues, you can even ask your partner to help you with sexual stimulation and orgasm.

Male Masturbators

The most fun and enjoyable way to train your body is by using a soft male masturbator. Take the time and slowly build yourself up. You might not reach orgasm the first few times but it’s important to really focus on the rise in sensations. A huge part of this is the mental attitude you need to have. The longer you abstain from old habits, the more your bodies natural cycle will want to take over. Focus on your primal urges. The more you can tap into your base instincts and imagination, the less you’ll reply on old porn habits.

We recommend using a softer toy that will have you focusing on the nuanced pleasers. Start off with the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator White Edition. Its textured sleeve will give you unique sensations to get off on. Although you won’t be feeling the same tightness of a hand! We even suggest looking for male masturbators with inner textures that are gentle like the Tenga Spinner Pixel Masturbator. Over all, any toy will work in training your body to focus on lighter stimulation.

We hope that this article shed some light for the people with penises out there who may be having difficulty with the death grip. This is something that more and more people are suffering from now that internet porn is becoming widely available to a larger and younger audience. It’s important to not stigmatize people who may be having difficulties with reaching orgasm too quickly or not at all. Sexual pleasure should be about the joy of the journey and not always focusing on the destination. Give in to pleasure and see where it leads!

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